Video Premiere at Glide Magazine

Oh Mary

Their latest album The Good Ones Got Away releases on March 4th, 2023 and is their first full record as the New Earth Farmers. They were previously called New American Farmers and before that, Mars Arizona. The music on the album leans into rock and roll more than previous collections. Known for lyrics that help conjure an atmosphere, their vocal sound is also unique in that the duo will switch the lead/harmony lines multiple times during a song. “We can double track the vocals in our live shows with both of us singing the melody,” Knowles mentions. “It’s hard to tell who is doing what sometimes.”

Today Glide is premiering the video for “Oh Mary,” one of the standout tracks on the new album. The song begins with an organ intro that washes over you, it soon becomes the kind of catchy folk-rocker that would make Tom Petty smile. There is a soulfulness to this tune that might come from the organ and piano, the religious references, or some combination of both. We also get some fine guitar solos to help this tune ascend into expansive rock territory. Lyrically, it also connects to our troubled times to give it a certain level of relevant potency.


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